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MONUMI is a team of people for whom work is passion, and the happiness of the child is the main reward for the creative creation of toys, which teach and entertain. The careful selection of expert groups, working both in the technical and artistic aspects of our products, is aimed at ensuring that they effectively influence the intellectual development of children. We make colouring sheets for specific groups of customers, taking into account their aesthetic and intellectual needs.
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We have our own factory
An important part of the company is the production facility which creates our colouring sheets with the highest standards of quality. Thanks to over a hundred of hands and hearts we meet the expectations of caring parents and our young recipients. To have control over the quality of our colouring sheets we closely monitor most of the manufacturing processes. We consciously use equipment that meets the highest standards of safety and ecology.
We are open to creating new partnerships based on mutual benefits. We encourage you to learn about our offer and to contact us for a potential meeting and partnership.
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