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The ideal world of a child is colourful, full of smiles, joy, incredible journeys and dreams. The development of technology, together with the widespread use of computers and mobile devices, have led to small kids being heavily bombarded by information and images that have a negative impact on their cognitive function and concentration and hinder their creativity. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! We propose a more creative way to build a child’s awareness, combining fun with the science of accuracy, cognition, and discovery.

The choice of MONUMI graphic patterns for colouring is made by experienced graphic designers, taking into account children’s developmental needs and enhancing their senses of beauty and aesthetics so that in daily life they will be more sensitive to the form of the world around them.

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3D colouring books
Spatial structures that a child can create theirselves. They can fold them into a shape and colour them when they’re finished. 3D colouring is a remarkable “sheet of paper” – bigger, stiffer, and more resistant to damage- which we paint, and then fold into, for instance, a dollshouse or garage for cars. Let’s have fun!!
Educational XXL colouring sheets
Products in this category have been awarded the ZABAWKOWICZ 2014 award!
A lot of colouring and puzzles in one. Let’s learn through fun – colouring pages and puzzles are combined in one large colouring sheet and presented in a few series – learning languages, calendar, and maths. Educational sheets are an example of effective learning while having fun!
Not only a book…
“Not only a book,” that is a combination of a book with colouring sheets and a 3D model. The colouring sheets fold, which tells a story, acting on the kid’s sense of sight and touch, it develops creative thinking, creativity, and manual skills.
Vertical colouring books
Children are happy when their height measurement indicates that they are taller than a week or a month ago. Now the toddler can create a unique height chart by himself for his or her room, adding colours to a rocket, princes’ castle, high tenement, and even fire truck with a brigade.
Harmonious colouring books
Reading books together with children has a great impact on their development. Colouring, on the other hand, stimulates their creativity and cognitive functions. Therefore, we have merged reading with colouring in the form of harmonious books that tell stories and inspire children to create colourful visualizations.
To najnowsza propozycja MONUMI. Połączenie drewnianego podwozia z ruchomymi kółkami z kartonowym nadwoziem 3D przeznaczonym do kolorowania. Każdy zestaw jest wyposażony w jedno podwozie i 3 różne opcje nadwozia – np. autobus, samochód dostawczy i dźwig. Prawdziwy raj nie tylko dla chłopców!
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