Let’s colour together!

The ideal world of the child is colourful, full of smile, joy, incredible travels, and dreams. The development of technology, the widespread use of computers and mobile devices, has led to the fact that a small person is heavily attacked by information and images that have a negative impact on his or her cognitive function and concentration and block his or her creativity. However, it doesn’t have to be this way! We propose a more creative way to build a child's awareness in the form of fun combined with the science of accuracy, cognition, and discovery.

Painting and handwriting improves memory, fosters creativity, and much more effectively than typing on the keyboard shapes the network of neural connections. During university research, it has been observed that manual writing and drawing more strongly activate areas of the frontal cortex, responsible for memory and assimilation of new information. The choice of Monumi graphic patterns for colouring is made by experienced graphic designers, taking into account the child's developmental needs, enhancing the senses of beauty and aesthetics so that children in daily life are more sensitive to the form of the world around us.

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Kolorowanki 3D

Spatial structures that a child will create himself, from folding a foundation to colouring it`s finish. 3D colouring is a remarkable "sheet of paper" - bigger, stiffer, and more resistant to damage that we paint, and then fold. Let’s have fun!

For girls
For boys .
Educational XXL colouring sheets,
a lot of colouring and puzzles in one.

Let`s learn through fun - colouring pages and puzzles combined in one large colouring sheet, supporting learning English language, calendar, and math. Educational sheets are an example of a solution that provides children with fun with learning and fun!

Ksiazki do składania - "Not just a book"

We have combined a traditional book with a colouring book in a 3D format. While colouring the book, you can read stories, interact with the senses of sight and touch, develop creative thinking, creativity and manual skills.

Vertical colouring books

Children are happy when the measure of growth indicates that they are taller than a week or a month ago. Now the toddler can create a unique growth meter himself for his or her room, adding colours to a rocket, princess castle, high tenement, and even fire truck with brigade.

Harmonica colouring book

Reading books together with children have a great impact on their development. Colouring, on other hand stimulates their creativity and cognitive functions. Therefore, we have merged reading with colouring in the form of harmonious books that tell stories and inspire children to create colourful visualizations.

Colouring Сars in 3D.
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